At the College of Applied Arts at Texas State University, the paths of alumni, faculty, staff, parents and current students begin and converge. Since the university started awarding degrees more than a century ago, we have advanced the value of education and knowledge in order to meet society‚Äôs needs. We use the skills and training of faculty and students to mentor, teach, inspire, discover and lead as we transform students to engage and become part of our global community. 

The College of Applied Arts continues to change and grow with the university as we continue to attract students from throughout Texas and other states and countries. We are committed to recruiting and retaining the most diverse and best-qualified students from diverse communities. The range of academic degrees provides students an opportunity to select a career where they make a difference. We pledge to provide individual attention, quality instruction and research opportunities that will enhance the learning opportunities of all students. Please do not hesitate to contact us so we can continue to serve you better.