Develop Your Idea

Every successful grant starts with an idea

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Review Existing Research

Stay informed about the research currently being done and funded in your areas of interest. This will allow you to generate ideas that will contribute in a new way, such as filling in gaps in understanding.


Evaluate Potential Success

Your idea should align with the mission of the sponsor.  Also consider if the subject is timely, if the question is creative, and if the research will lead to a well-defined set of results.

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Consider Your Strengths & Interests

A successful research project will draw upon your research, knowledge of the field, and career goals.  An idea for a project can also stem from your personal experiences.

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Position Yourself for Success

Publish, present at conferences, join professional societies, review papers, sit on panels, be a funding agency reviewer, build partnerships, apply for intramural grants to fund preliminary data collection.

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Write a Concept Paper

A concept paper provides a clear outline of your project. It provides a foundation to guide discussions and is an efficient way to obtain quick feedback on your project’s strengths and weaknesses.

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Seek Feedback

Feedback is essential at every stage of the process. Feedback from colleagues and research staff can help identify gaps in your research plan and provide you with fresh perspectives on your ideas.


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